dinsdag 28 februari 2012

Jippie Another Callenge Friday at Bo Bunny's just love them.....

Hi Ya Ladies,

You have another chance of winning some gorgeous gooddies from Bo Bunny "the marvelous company"!
I just love these friday challenges they inspire me so so much.
Here is what they ask you to do on there blog:

This wonderful sketch was supplied to us by Sketch Support.  If you haven't looked at the Sketch Support Site before, you need to head over there ASAP!  Allison Davis does the most fabulous sketches and the design team is sure to inspire you, too!  While you are there, be sure to check out the Sketch Books from Sketch Support!
Go visit there blog here: http://bobunny.blogspot.com/2012/02/sketch-challenge-friday.html

You still have one day to enter so have fun:
Here is the sketch:
Isn't pretty just love it......
Here is my take on it:

I used Bo Bunny's "Back to Backs" a 2010 collection and finally a dutch tittle never do dutch.....
It means snowballfight we had a blast look at my boy's smiling face....... isn't he gorgeous without his 2 front teeth *grin* good luck ladies.....

Love Amy

maandag 27 februari 2012

Thinking..........about my GIVE-AWAY

Hi girls,
Still thinking how I can be original in my give-aways.......
If you have any ideas tell me what you think is original and the best idea will win a little something!
You also have too be a follower to this site in order to win.
I will come back this friday to post a picture what I will be sending the winner.
I will pick a winner on friday march 16... at 12 am dutch time.

He is praying you will win: *grin* just kidding

Our precious son
Love Amy 


zaterdag 25 februari 2012

"Graphic 45 Design Team 2012 Audition"

Hi Scrappy Ladies,

I tought I will give it a try to get into the Grapic 45 design team.
In January I won the gorgeous papers "Olde Coriosity Shoppe" on the Graphic 45 blog, it still gives me a big smile on my face to say that I won!
Haven't recieved the papers yet but I can't wait to work with it LOVE LOVE LOVE the design on the papers that I have won!
I work at a optic store and I especially adore the papers with the eyes on it wow !!!
Well oke enough of me blabbering about winning............here are my entries for the designteam call:

I have six lay-outs, one mini album and one super duper adorable jewellery box
I call it "my box of little secrets"....... hope you girls enjoy my work with the pretty papers.....
First my lay-outs:
These lo's where created with the line "Once Upon A Springtime" evenly adorable as the new line "Little Darlings" can't wait to get my hands on those papers too...
Project 1:
Project 2:
Project 3:

Love the pink and green
Project 4:
Project 5:
And then my last lay-out is one with the paperline "Le Romantique" this one is special to me because it's a lay-out of my grandmother and grandfather (as we call them opa and oma in holland) when they got married back in 1948!
My oma was 16 and opa 36 but it was love at first sight!
He was my oma's one and only love as he died in 1983, I was just 5 years old.
Such a pretty couple:
Project 6:
These papers are so pretty to use with the old pictures everyone has I think!
Tomorrow I will post my mini album and my jewellery box , haven't taken any pictures yet!
The front of the mini album:
Project 7:

I used "Once Upon A Springtime for my mini....
The back:

and now a couple of my pages of the inside of my mini....

And now my jewellery box "my box of little secrets"
The front: I used the line "Tropical Traveloque" for this.....
First the wooden jewellery box not alttered...
Project 8:

and now alltered.......

The back:

and the inside....

Hope you like my work......
Also I will do a little give away.......... stay tunned!
Enjoy your sunday....

Love Amy

maandag 13 februari 2012

Another Layout Challenge Friday at Bo Bunny's

Hi Ladies,

Bo Bunny is having a new challenge (starts February 3, 2012)....... love there challenges (you can still enter there are 3 days left) here: http://www.bobunny.blogspot.com/2012/02/layout-challenge-friday.html
They want you to focus on journaling. You can journal about whatever you want and you can journal in anyway that you want, as long as your layout includes some journaling and not just the date and place! They also challenge you to include some sewing on your layout and it can be hand, machine or even faux sewing. 

So you are free to do a lot....................and I really liked this challenge so so MUCH that I started right away and here is my take on it

As you see I did A LOT off stitching........ that cute girl is my niece 'Pien' she is so super adorable.... love to make lo's of her!!!

Thanks for taking a peek at my blog and I love comments.
Oh I almost forgot I used Bo Bunny's line "Gabrielle"

Tatatata jippie I won the challenge how cool is that!!!!
Love Amy 

zondag 12 februari 2012

Reminisce is having a give-away

vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Busy Busy Busy.........and another super duper give-away.....

Hi girlfiends,

I'm so happy it's friday yeh....
Our son his birthday was on the 7th he became seven, on wednesday he gave a swimparty he had a blast !!!
Also his cute rat MAXIE died on the 8th so it became a little bit of a sad B day but ok! ( I cried too)......saturday we are having a party for the family....so it's a week of partying!!!
I hope Kevin is happy even though he feels a bit sad about his Maxie....
Ok now for the good part there is another super cool giveaway I will tell you about!
Courtney Fassler Walsh
One off websterpages great designers and outstanding author wrote this beautiful novel, A Sweethaven Summer.
I'm not a big reader at all.... but I want too really have this book so so so much so I will give it a go on winning it!
All you need (and I) to do is go to her blog ~~~~~here ~~~~~ http://courtneywalsh.typepad.com/telling_stories/2012/02/a-sweethaven-summer-online-launch-party-huge-giveaway.html and see what you need to do to enter...and not win only her great book but also more ......... good luck lady's.
The book is about: The story of Sweethaven centers around a faded scrapbook...one that's full of secrets and stories of years gone by...how cool is that!!!!
Well see ya later .......
Love Amy

maandag 6 februari 2012

Snow lovely snow !!!

Hi ladies,

 In my last blog I told you that I would come back later after taking pictures of the beautiful snow......... but "my camera"....... died well the batteries did........
So now finally showing of my pictures:

And yes we had a snow fight and me being with two men ...........you know what happend..... "I was so cold brrrrrr" but we had a blast!!! look below:

He is such a cutie without his two front teeth........

Making a snow angel in the backjard ........so pretty and last but not least a picture of us all together
Hope you liked my pictures.... I will be back soon .

Love Amy


vrijdag 3 februari 2012

WIN EVERYDAY POETRY {The whole collection!}

Hi Ladies,

Jippie it's snowing in Holland going too take some pictures and show it too you later.......
Webster is giving away the most pretty collections all times:
I just LOVE LOVE them big time and I bet you will too!!!!! So go over too there blog and have a chance too win this awesome line: http://websterspages.typepad.com/webstershome/2012/02/win-everyday-poetry-the-whole-collection.html#comments
Here is what you can win:
Good luck ladies!!
Love Amy

woensdag 1 februari 2012

Bo Bunny Layout Challenge Friday!

Hi dear scrapfriends,

I thought I would give it a try the "Bo Bunny Layout Challenge"!!!
I used my two favorite lines of Bo Bunny "Gabrielle" and "Welcome Home" and I had a blast making this lo.
I used a picture of us during our 2010 vacation in spain.
Also used a vine and a cute rasin and a wooden gate (love that)!
I had different lichting during the day so I have more pictures.
Bo Bunny's sketch:

My lo:
 Two close-ups

Other lichting:

Hope you like my lo.
Love Amy